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Face Your Art Challenge

I've done so many scenes this year, and it's honestly been kinda fun. I used to hate and dread scene work because of how much it stressed me out. They still stress me out because I hate coloring, but drawing the acutal scene has become not so bad. :]

AF 2020 - Don't Look Up

Revenge attack for nightshade145

Rumor has it Electrode is harboring a mech who Team Sunder has a bounty on. There's no concrete proof that the mech is staying at the club, but he's been spotted nearby too frequently not to check. Shadowbeat has snuck into the upper level of the club to watch Electrode - and hopefully to find a lead on their target.

AF 2020 - Just Sit in the Chair!!!

Revenge attack for Limbus

AF 2020 - NoisyBoy

Chibi attack for CuppaCuppaCoffee

Either Things Went Very Right or Very Wrong

Revenge attack for MsAtrophy