Art Stuff

He/him. Lots of robots but also other stuff.

Blossomfire Walk Cycle

First YCH walk cycle commission for blossomfire_drawz on Instagram!

This walk cycle YCH is still open! I'm going to accept a few more slots for it, and I'll be posting some more YCH animations soon.

Gift for CreativeFandomMinds on DA

Forgot to post this here lol.

2020 Summary of Art

Did two versions, one with a fancy thing that I attempted for November.

Chibi Walk Animation (YCH)

Little animation, open for YCH. Slots are $35 through PayPal.

I do:

  • humans/humanoids

  • transformers

  • mecha

  • furries/scalies/antros

  • aliens/etc

I'll be making more after finals end (Dec 17)

Projects 1 and 2 - Line and Shape/Balance

All done with ink on 14x17 paper.

I have a whole bunch of sketches for compositions for the Shape/Balance unit, and I'm thinking about using them as backgrounds in projects later. I had a lot of fun designing them :]

Quick update:

So my area got hit by Hurricane Laura (two months ago, and we're still out of internet) and there's a category 2 hurricane heading this way :P

It looks like it'll hit Friday, not too much damage predicted since it's a low one.

My school passed out mobile hotspots today, so I'm hoping to just keep working.

Just wanted to explain why I stopped posting stuff for a while. I have some school projects that I'll be putting up (two traditional pieces). Plus there are a couple things fun things I wasn't able to post here that will be going up.

The goal is to have some more non-school pictures up in the next month, but if I can't get to them this is why.

I hope you guys are doing well and keeping safe.

Longshot Prime

Height chart for the group so far. I have one more character (a medic) left to design after this.

Left to Right: Longshot Prime, Starburn, Cannonball, Rayband, Shiner, Knawdown

LP's Bio:
Longshot Prime is renowned in the Elite Guard for her bold tactics and dauntless spirit. She earned the loyalty of her unitmates early in their relationship with her iron-clad resolve and fierce compassion - and most significantly for defending Shiner, who at the time was a violent outcast no one wanted to work with, from expulsion from the Academy. She and her team rose through the ranks as one of the most efficient and effective units in the Elite Guard.

Any of her teammates can tell you that Longshot gives the absolute best hugs. She's open with physical affection, so hugs, pats on the back, and other gestures are common. Rayband (and others) will often drape herself across Longshot when the team has downtime. None of them are afraid to go to her to get advice or just to have a listening ear.

AF 2020 - Dodge Like You Mean It

Revenge for Ledrixon.

Desert/rocky locations and mountain forest areas are my two favorite natural environments to draw. V relaxing.

Face Your Art Challenge

I've done so many scenes this year, and it's honestly been kinda fun. I used to hate and dread scene work because of how much it stressed me out. They still stress me out because I hate coloring, but drawing the acutal scene has become not so bad. :]